11:11 Campaign

“Civil War Prayer Journey”

The following is from Jon Hamill, HAPN State Leader for Maryland:

One morning in September 2010, I awoke with the words “11-11 Campaign” on my lips. Immediately I understood the Lord was talking about a campaign to release awakening, and that this campaign needed to be waged by Jesus and His followers through 11-11-11.
We are planning two phases of corporate gatherings for the 11-11 Campaign, in conjunction with the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network and the Reformation Prayer Network.

Phase 1 includes three concurrent prayer journeys—from the north, south and west—traversing epicenters of historic awakenings as well as significant Civil War battlefields. These prayer journeys will touch 16 states before connecting together in Gettysburg PA and Washington DC.

Phase two of this 11-11 Campaign will be a 40 day worship invasion in Washington DC, coordinated by James Nesbitt. The 40 days of worship is scheduled to begin around Rosh Hoshana and run through Election Day to November 11, 2011.

Click here to download the Campaign Overview.

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