Dr. Venessa Battle
Multicultural Affairs Specialist

Dr. Venessa Battle has been the featured speaker at conferences, retreats, advances, seminars, and revivals. She is on the faculty of Christian Life School of Theology Global. Venessa has recently been appointed by United Nations Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers as a World Ambassador of the Peace and Reconciliation with connections to the Interfaith Peace Initiative. She is an author of several books and is a sought-after speaker. She is the Sr. Pastor of a growing multi-cultural church called New Gate International Church in Duluth, GA. 

She has ministered internationally in over 28 countries and is the Founder of several ministries which include the Spiritual Rights Movement, a ministry devoted to helping African American, Spanish Speaking communities and all cultures to be restored to their God-given place in the Kingdom.

She is the Multicultural Affairs leader for Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network led by Dr. John Benefiel, the African American Coordinator for The Generals led by Cindy Jacobs, and USA Chancellor for Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute, led by Dr. Pat Francis in Canada. 

She has received many awards and recognition for her ministry and business accomplishments including the Girma Wolde-Giorgis (Former President of Ethiopia, Africa) President’s Award which represents 54 nations on the continent of Africa for Environmental Protection. She holds 4 Doctoral Degrees: Practical Ministry, Biblical Studies, Theology, and Leadership Management & Development.

Her desire is to see all men free and able to successfully operate in their God-given calls to become the One New Man that is spoken of in Ephesians.

Venessa can offer insights on how to reach other cultures. She is available for prayer journeys, conferences, seminars and private conversations regarding your state’s cultural climate and can help develop a strategy to overcome any possible barriers that are hindering cultural growth. 

Venessa can be contacted at vbattle@hapn.us.

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