Mary Jean Warlen, known affectionately as Mama Bunny is stepping into her specialty assignment as one who has a vision for those that are part of the HAPN network to be able to identify their God designed Redemptive Gifts. 

With her forty years of experience of national and international travel, she has gained the skills, knowledge and understanding to identify the gifts of individuals, cities, states, regions, and nations.  She trains teams to go forth and be effective in dealing with strongholds that are imbedded in the land and resident in people’s lives.  Mama Bunny has loved all God’s people worldwide and her deepest desire is for all to walk in their destiny at 100% each day.  

She is available to assist with personal visits to your area or via conference calls:

  • To develop teams of intercessors and spiritual mappers
  • To solidify strategies needed to implement Father’s heart for freedom in preparing for His Harvest
  • For all to know and understand who we are through His design and how best we can work together as His Ecclesia.

Mama Bunny can be contacted at

Download a copy of the Overview of the Characteristics of the 7 Redemptive Gifts – reproduced with permission from Designed For Fulfillment by Charles R. Wale, Jr. In using this profile, it helps to eliminate what you are not and then it helps you focus in on the redemptive gift that you have.

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