HAPN Economy Mountain Presentation

by Perry Chickonoski

Economy Mountain Prayer Points

Perry Chickonoski and Bob Bertelsen, HAPN Economy Mountain Co-Leaders

A Prayer for the U.S. Economy

We are blessed to live in a nation established in freedom and built upon a biblical foundation. However, these very freedoms have made us susceptible to departure from an unlimited God-based economic system to a limited mammon system. When we compare our current economic systems to the plumb line of scripture three such departures become evident. We must repent for the times we have come into agreement with the spirit of Mammon (and its economic systems) and pray that as a nation we return to the biblical values upon which God designed the economy to be established. In so doing, we will remove the tether that has capped our prosperity and delayed the great transfer of wealth.

The three mammon-based economic systems that must be transitioned to God’s plumb lines are:

1) A mammon system focuses on production and one’s ability to meet one’s own daily needs leading to harder work and longer hours, while a Biblical economic system trusts God to meet our needs leading to rest. So, Lord, we repent for abandoning the Sabbath rest. We have trusted more in our own hands to produce results to the point that even many of our church leaders have departed from a Sabbath rest under the guise of meeting the needs of the ministry rather than trusting in You to meet needs. We renounce the spirit of Mammon that has resulted in a lack trust in Yahweh Jireh to the point that we have violated the Sabbath and ask that You would return the hearts of the children to fully trust and rest in You.

2) A mammon system keeps us focused on the short-term temporal needs, while a Biblical economic system has a long term multi-generational outlook. Lord we repent for our nearsightedness! As a Nation and as a Church we repent for allowing mammon to cause us to focus on what to eat and what to wear! We repent for the debt we have accumulated because we desire to have material things now! We repent that we have made decisions based on our temporal comfort needs and not on the needs of our children’s children. We repent for the times that our temporal decisions have caused us to structure our monthly expenses around our monthly revenues which has kept us tied to jobs that cover our monthly comfort needs while preventing us from stepping out in faith and trusting You for the business ventures You have placed in our hearts. We renounce the spirit of Mammon and repent for the long term affects this has had on future generations because we have often left little, if any, inheritance for them. We pray that as believers re-align with Your Abraham, Isaac and Jacob generational plumb line, that we would be released from the shackles of personal debt and see a dramatic decline in the national debt as well!

3) A mammon system limits us to what our own hands or devices can produce which may lead to stress, anxiety and disappointment when plans don’t come to fruition, and pride and arrogance when they do. Meanwhile a biblical economic system recognizes that God brings forth the increase and thus celebrates the goodness of God in all things. Lord, we repent for forgetting that it is You that gives us the ability to create wealth! We renounce the spirit of Mammon that limits us to what our own hands can produce, and our minds can conceive. We rejoice and celebrate that as our minds and hands follow Your direction, You bring forth growth! We rejoice that it is You that brings forth bread from the earth and fruit from the tree! We pray that as we have renounced the spirit of Mammon and its limited economic systems and have repented of our agreement with Mammon, Yahweh Elohim would remove the cap of the mammon economic system under which we have been restricted. As we conduct ourselves by Your unlimited economic systems, we pray that You would truly bring forth the promise of a great transfer of wealth!

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