Protect and Serve Mountain Prayer Points

Harold Keck, HAPN Protect and Serve Mountain Leader

Protect & Serve Mountain Prayer

In this new era, as God promotes/equips His Ecclesia and activates His mature sons and daughters in unprecedented ways; we are also experiencing new levels of unrestrained lawlessness and anarchy. Across our country there are increasing cries to remove Governmental restraints and eliminate enforcement agencies, including the police and military. We are locked in a struggle to pass through this wilderness season which includes giant demonic principalities of international COVID-19 pandemic, pervasive riots, potential worldwide economic catastrophe, heightened racial divisions, relentless strife, violent lawlessness, and widespread wildfires. In this current season, we must unite together as the unified Bride of Christ, exercise the full range of our God-given authority and release God’s new strategies, anointings and weapons.

We decree and declare:

  • Greater love has no man than this, he lays down his life for another
  • P&S forces operate in supernatural wisdom/discernment, keeping families & communities safe
  • The angelic hosts join them to enforce kingdom authorities
  • You uniquely strengthen, protect, encourage & reward them
  • Your peace/joy presides over them, as they fulfill Your call
  • Comfort & encouragement for their families
  • We speak light & life over them so that Your righteousness may prevail
  • Daily demonstrations of personal fearlessness, boldness and diligence
  • May they embody and demonstrate the very best of humanity
  • That the wicked be identified, caught and brought to justice
  • We forbid the spirit of lawlessness & anarchy from manifesting here
  • We stand against depression, apathy, despair & helplessness/hopelessness
  • We bind every occultic scheme, plan, curse, spell or weapon
  • We come against every premature death, infirmity or injury
  • We loose long life, prosperity and shalom, in all its manifestations

We thank you, Lord, for allowing us to partner with You to manifest Your Kingdom on this earth in unprecedented new levels… Amen!

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