HAPN Education Mountain Presentation

by Nancy Huff

Education Mountain Prayer Points

Nancy Huff, HAPN Education Mountain Leader

Prayer for the Cultural Mountain of Education

Under strain for over fifty years, America’s educational system shows signs that it may be moving toward a breaking point. A few of the recent events that point toward change: Senator Tom Cotton introduced a bill to assure free speech on university and college campuses; President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos openly advocate for the voucher system in our schools; President Trump recently held a press conference advocating for freedom of religion in public schools. These and many other events signify that our prayers are working and, at the same, tell us that it is not the time to give up but to intensify intercession that will continue to push education toward the tipping point. May we be like the Sons of Issachar “who had an understanding of the times” to press into the mountain moving answers God has for us.

Below are some areas to pray for transformation in the Mountain of Education:

Pray our schools will once again teach the history of America to their students.

America’s public schools have created a void in educating its people in history and civics. It is because our students have not been taught history. Radicals feel free to call for the liberal history they learned while attending our universities to be taught in America’s public schools. The reality is that history will be taught in public schools. What remains to be seen is whose account will prevail.

Pray: Lord, we take heed and diligently keep the history of America as a sacred remembrance of all you have done for our nation. We will not let the many miracles you have performed for us be forgotten. We will write them down and teach them to our children and our grandchildren for many generations.

Pray for America’s college and universities to uphold an academic standard that will produce students who will strengthen our nations.

Recently, Ivy League announced their decision to do away with any usage of the ACT and SAT exams, not just for the upcoming school year, but permanently. Wanting to admit more minority students who may not have the background to do well in a university or college, and who may not perform well on admittance exams, institutions are lowering their standards for admission.

Pray: We disrupt the plans of the enemy who has come to steal our children. They do not know the thoughts of the Lord, and that He intends victory for His people. Let God’s people rise up like a mighty army and throw off the bondage of debt and deception that American Colleges and Universities have placed on our children.

Pray for Freedom of Speech to be restored on university and college campuses

Recent legislation introduced by U. S. Senator Tom Cotton could help to break the free speech dam. The Campus Free Speech Restoration Act would require universities to support a variety of free speech measures or face penalties. The Act would create a system whereby students could file complaints on First Amendment violations. The Department of Education could investigate those complaints and, if needed, revoke eligibility for federal funding from public and private colleges that violate protected free speech. The bill co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stands a good chance of passing.

Pray: Lord, we thank You for the commitment our founding fathers made to allow free speech to be a part of America’s heritage. We ask You to bring respect and civility in the exchange of ideas on the campuses of our universities and colleges.

Pray for gender clarification in our schools

One of America’s most significant resources is its children. As the future of our nation, our children need prayer as they face a major assault by the enemy to the very core of their identity – their sexual orientation.

Pray: May the prayers of the intercessors come before God to stop the flood of sexual perversion that has affected our children. We will rejoice in His protection for our nation’s children and our nation’s future.

Pray for school choice

The Puritans set a precedent for education in America. When they first came to our shores in 1609, they enacted laws in their communities that held the parents responsible for making sure the children in their households learned to read, primarily to read the Bible. What a wonderful heritage they gave us. As we link our prayers with the prayers of our ancestors, we pray for the restoration of the rights of the parents to choose the school that will educate their children best.

Pray: Parents will take personal responsibility in the education of their children so that education will become a means of uniting our families, building character in our students, and training great leaders for America who will emerge from the classrooms across this nation.

In the 2016-17 school year, the cost of educating each child in a public school was $14,439 (https://www.nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=66). Pray for a voucher system to be established where the money allocated to educate a child would follow the child to a school of the parent’s choice.

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